• Notecards - 2020
  • HEP_Notecards_Overview_LARGE


    The note cards are printed on heavy-weight acid-free recycled paper, and are folded to 4.5 x 6.25 inches. Identification of the plant pictured and a text by Henry Evans or Marsha Onomiya Evans is on the back of each card. Assortments are boxed with 12 cards and 12 envelopes. $23.00/box.
  • wildflower_notes_lrg
    Wild Flowers 12 images as pictured. $23.00/box.
  • botanical_images_notecards_2020_lrg
    Botanical Images 12 images as pictured. $23.00/box.
  • blossoms_notecards_lrg
    Blossoms in Color 12 images as pictured. $23.00/box.
  • HEP_Notecards_Flora_LARGE
    Flora 12 images as pictured. $23.00/box.
  • garden_blooms_note_lrg
    Garden Blooms 12 images as pictured. $23.00/box.
  • poppies_notecards_lrg
    California Poppies 2 each of 6 images, packaged in a green paper box with a label as pictured. $23.00/box.
  • grasses_notecards_lrg
    Grasses 2 each of 6 images as pictured. $23.00/box.
  • iris_cards_lrg
    Iris Garden 12 images as pictured. $23.00/box.